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Irish Tax Return Deadline

We have been busy this month finalising and filing all client Irish Tax Returns. The normal annual deadline is 31 Oct each year. But...Irish Revenue has extended the filing deadline to December 10th for self-assessed taxpayers.

That hasn't stopped us and our great clients, we've all decided to keep to the normal deadline and managed to keep on track and get them all submitted, 8 days before the normal deadline.

There are a few caveats on the Irish Revenue extension: deadline extended for online pay and file taxpayers only. Those who do not pay online must file returns by October 31st.

Those who do not pay using Revenue’s online service must still pay and file by October 31st. The State’s tax collector had originally set November 12th as the online pay and file deadline, but that has now been extended. As a result those who file their self-assessed income tax return for 2019 and make the appropriate payment for preliminary tax in 2020 and any balance due for 2019 have until December 10th to do so.

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