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Get the money, lose the guarantee

If your business has taken an unsecured loan with an alternative funder in the past 5 years, you will highly likely have signed a personal guarantee as Director. As we enter unchartered financial times, now is the time to remove that risk. It is hard to know what is around the corner for any business but taking the corner without the worry of a personal guarantee will be much easier.

Milecross Commercial Finance have been appointed to provide two different kinds of funding under CBILS, giving you the flexibility to decide what’s best for your business. Either a hassle-free CBILS loan or choose a flexible CBILS revolving credit facility backed by your invoices.

We can offer CBILs loans up to £250k with no personal guarantee and mostly at better rates than what most companies are currently paying for business lending. With the bonus of no monthly payments for the first 12 months. Therefore, we are now able to refinance your existing lending to bring it under CBILs, something not available under many current lender structures. 

Now is the time:

- Refinance existing lending to get rid of your Personal Guarantee

- Get a better interest rate

- Pay no interest for the next 12 months

Contact me 028 9092 3325.

William Davey DipPFS

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